Friday, 3 October 2014

Best Moment(s) at Twenty-Seven

Throwing back for what i had done during my 27 year-old existence, I found that my life was blessed (I don't want to say it best yet). I got so many lessons to learn and experiences. This is the right time for being grateful for everything that had come into my life.

Here are my best moments:

October, 2013:

I took part in a run competition held by a State Bank together with my colleagues. I took the 5kms run instead of 10 kms. I beat 5 kilometres and it felt good! So far, this has been an achievement for me.  Hehe!

The next best thing happened at the same month was the performance of Gandini Juggling. My friend Risha invited me to watch this performance and i never regreted it. The performance was awesome! The very next time they come here, I suggest you to grab the ticket and watch them. This one? I got it free! *grin

March, 2014

I had a trip to Hong Kong this month. Yay, finally! I had been waiting for this trip like almost 3 years. About my trip, you can visit my post entitled Itinerary Hong Kong untuk 4D/3N

How can I not feel grateful seeing this amazing scenery live omw to HK?

(Bro-Sis portrait)
I can't believe it! My bro and I used to quarrel every single day back then when we were children. (Oh yeah, my mom was so stressful at that time hehe!). I always remember that one day, when he made me cry and a second later, he made a joke and I laughed out loud while my tears were still dropping down. Brother, you made my days! *kisskiss

May, 2014

We had a family trip to Bandungan, Central Java. The car was packed up with my parents, brother, uncle, aunts, and cousins. The place was nice but the most important thing was that we could have a quality time together. Here, I give you some pics.

View from Bandungan

The following day, my bro, my cousin and I chased sunrise in Punthuk Sethumbu.

Besides the things stated above, I must appreciate myself for I am now able to read Koran better with a lil Tajwid in it. (Yes, I could not read Koran before haha!)

And, I started my own blog. Yayness!

About the lesson to learn, I found that my 27-year-old was the moment of truth. I mean, everything that I hate seemed approaching me. Like, (almost) everything. The law of attraction was haunting me. (No, it's not the law of attraction in a positive way like my previous post). So, probably it is the time to be mature, not to hate everything too much cause it may come to my life anytime. And I shall go easy on life (sometimes).

Thanks to my cluster colleagues who have always cheered me up and filled my days with (too much) laughter (sometimes) and it usually ended up with having bad luck during our trip back home. Haha!
Guys, I feel blessed to have you all here. (I really want to post their picture here, but I appreciate their permission first)

And thanks to the people who have brought me to feel my first experience to do everything. Yes, you!

So, let's start another year with a better wish! I wish you have better year as well ;-)

Sources: Personal Collection, Pinterest

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