Friday, 19 September 2014

Thing(s) I Cannot Live Without

Tantangan berikutnya: Thing(s) I Cannot Live Without

Kalau pertanyaannya diajukan akhir-akhir ini, di kala undangan pernikahan dan lahiran berdatangan bak jamur di musim hujan, yaaa, pilihan saya adalah GPS!

Yak, entah sudah berapa lama saya menggantungkan hidup saya sama benda ini. Terpujilah pencipta GPS di telepon seluler. Sampe jalan tikus dan alternatif pun, benda satu ini paham betul.

Walaupun sebenarnya saya pernah dikecewakan juga sih. Masa iya, perginya bisa sampai dengan selamat, baliknya saya nyasar ke tempat antah berantah. Yang itu total failure sih.

Anyway, itu sebetulnya pembuka aja sih.

This is the real answer of the thing I cannot live without during my 27 yo (nearly 28 *sigh) existence.

*drum rolls

*Wow, It rhymes

Yep, good food. Who doesn't need food anyway? Yet in this case, I specifically say "good food". Some people say they eat to live, while some say they live to eat. Actually, I'm not both of them since we should balance things in this life.

Back then, I ate out in the restaurants very often but lately, I figured out that actually food were just the same but indeed, some of them did taste better. But what then? That's it.

As I grow older, I become wiser (bhaha!). So, this time, i limit those fancy food (yes, i run the austerity program as well haha!). Sometimes, I suddenly craved for something and felt like I gotta get it right now. But actually, if i resist my temptation, I survived!

Well yes, that food sticks on my mind like you, but that's fine. Still, once in a while I have to fulfill my wish. Once in a while. Bhahaha~ (my friends will laugh out loud if I say this)

So, these are my most favourite dishes ever and the restaurants:
Beware! My friend says that my favourite dishes mostly have bold taste

1. Mie Kangkung Terasi ~ Kopitiam QQ
    The spiciness, hot noodle together with the prawn and fish ball and squid.

2. Lasagna ~ Happy Day or that red hut restaurant (but it's quite pricey now)
    You can see the mozarella cheese on the top. Pssstt, it has mushroom inside. Yum!

3. Anything ~ Pancious,
    Literally anything. I love the chili prawn, the original pancake with the butter and maple syrup, the baileys pancake, even the caesar salad. I even have the benefit card here *tee-hee

4. Mabo Tofu Udon ~ Sushi Tei
    This udon has spicy taste. Never feel guilty for eating this because it contains four kinds of mushrooms and tofu only. Nothing to worry about the cholestrol, baby *sluuuurrp

5. The last but not least, Fried Cassava ~ Abang-Abang gorengan
   Who can resist the savory taste, crispiness on the outside and smooth texture inside? Hehe!

Are you drooling? Cause I can see it.


  1. Replies
    1. setelah gw liat2 di blog orang kok keknya mahal yah:)) makanannya ala prancis gitu keknya-3- kurang paham

    2. terus abis gajian kapan? hahahahaha

  2. Ya ampun...gak ada green smoothie

    1. Ahem, yang itu belom. masih on process haha

    2. gaya banget lu mel, green smoothie-3-

  3. gw agak-agak drop ya abis baca sushi tei trus ke abang gorengan XD
    oh iya jes, gw (Pradany Hayyu, 27 tahun) belum pernah lho ke pancious. hihi

    1. Ya ampuuun, ayo tarik Hayyu main ke Pancious sore2 ajak Navy hehe!

  4. the last number brought me back to the ground.....because I don't know the other foods to be honest hahaha

    1. Ahahaahaha, men prefer to choose "bubur-ayam-abang-pinggir-jalan" instead of those dishes :D

  5. Sandang sama papan nggak dimasukin kak? Hahha

    1. nggak, klo udah ketemu makanan enak, udah bahagia idup gw #bahagiaitusederhana

  6. Jessi gak butuh baju asal ada makanan :p

    1. butuh juga, rumah juga. Tapi kalau yang ini semacam menghantui sehari-hari kalau gak diturutin haha

    2. iya, itu butuh juga sih... tapi kan belom ada :'(( *nangis di pojokan