Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Favourite Snacks

When these get ripe and they are ready to be picked...

Then they undergo some processes and become this melted chocolate that mixes with your saliva, fills your mouth with smooth texture and its medium sweetness and activates all the senses and sweet teeth in you.

Hold on, don't get satisfied just yet. You know how it feels to meet your half-soul? Oh yes, this one is the perfect match of the chocolate

The crispy, light, airy wafer that will create that familiar sound every time you bite and comfort you and your tummy. Plus, it brightens up your afternoon!

And they become the perfect match on earth, yes!

So, this is my favourite snacks during my idle time (if there is, haha!) in my office.
I'm telling you, this one is different from the other competitors. It is thick and dense with chocolate (not a commercial ads and i don't get paid for this).

Try it and tell me how you feel after eating this in the comment space below.

*nearly all pics are from the internet. The last one is mine (made it last minute).


  1. since I ate (almost) everything, it's goood... love it (if it's free)

    1. bwahahahaha... couldnt agree more!

    2. tapi itu masuk kategori lo yang "gw taroh di laci dan gw yang ambilin tu makanan trus taroh di tangan lo" :))

  2. Aduhmak, gambar coklatnyaa (bukan coklat di pohon)!! *ngences
    Kemaren gw makan ini (minta ke temen sebangku), rasanya beda sama nissin, tapi gw susah mendeskripsikan apa bedanya. hmm

    1. tu coklat berasa ngalir di mulut yeee hahahahaha
      iya, klo selamat ini lebih padat coklatnya, wafernya juga sih. lebih premium dari nissin (yaiyalah, harganya hampir 2x lipatnya) :))